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You may know me from Facebook (Karen Sargent) or Instagram (@karen.l.sargent), or maybe you’ve read my articles in the No Greater Joy magazine. If you’re over 40, you might remember some writing I did for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine way back when.

My homeschooling days are long gone and now the only things I get to mother are cows, but I have a healthy crop of grandbabies with number 13 coming soon, and nothing gives me more joy.

We talk about a lot of things here in addition to the farm and my perfect grandchildren: mental health and trauma recovery from a Christian perspective, homemade food, snippets from my Bible study, the enneagram, what I’m reading (and whether I recommend it or not), and even an occasional grammar lesson—I promise they’re fun!

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Wife, Mama, Grammy. Lover of Jesus and defender of the Oxford comma. Cowmom and Enneagram 9w1.